It's a basic tenent of INITEC Energia to conduct its activities according to the rules of business ethics and following all legal conventions.

INITEC's Board of Directors have approved to adhere INITEC to INTECSA INDUSTRIAL's Plan to Prevent Crime and Bribery, and for this reason INTECSA's compliance policies are mandatory for all our employees, partners and any other third party engaging in business with us.

For the same reason INTECSA's whistleblower's channel is available to communicate any non-performance related to INITEC Energia. This can be done either through any of the following ways:

• Email:    
• Mail:                Canal Ético INTECSA INDUSTRIAL
                          Att: Responsable De Cumplimiento Normativo
                          Calle vía de los Poblados, nº 11 
                          28033, MADRID